Not to block or disregard the critical enterprise, in which I am heartily invested, but to hold onto or value the ways in which my work, my reading, my writing, what I have to say, are inextricable from fallow silences that are not ameliorated or filled by exposition or citation. (Think of Fred Moten on Ad Reinhardt, maybe, as an example of a kind of writing that does not do harm to the absence in question). I think I am in a fight with poetry all the time, a fight that is motivated by the right of the parts of me that are silent to take place beside the point of literature’s learnèd and horrible watching over me.” Simone White

AS/USExhaustion vs Indexed Shame an Escape From

BEST OF KORE PRESS 2012 (anthology): I Was a Twelve-Year-Old Pervert 

DANCING GIRL PRESS: Solitude Being Alien (chapbook)

DISMANTLE (anthology): About Errant Drift, The Book of Ant Bites 

SEA, LAND, AIR: MIGRATION AND LABOR (digital group exhibition, curated by Sarita Echavez See and J. Christian Bernabe, Center for Art and Thought):Age of DiscoveryKundiman for MelissaPoem for A  


DRUNKEN BOAT: No Soothing Mother, Ornamental, Circle of Anthropologists 

FACT-SIMILE: Language Revival


EVERYDAY GENIUS: I Was a Seven-Year-Old Plagiarist

HORSE LESS PRESS: I Was a Twenty-Four-Year-Old Separatist

ESQUE: I Was Born for a Stricter Regime

LINGERPOSTHesitate, The Water Cure Helped, A Love Letter, Book of Ant Bites

BONE BOUQUETCassandra Predicts This Fall’s Recreational Torture of Gay MenPushcart Prize nomination, 2011.

CAESURAQ: What Do You Come From

LANTERN REVIEW: Translation + +

MIPOESIAS: Instructions on Travel in the New Empire, koreans eat weird food, too; & How I Became Femme


MYTHIUM: Material History, Taysha-Tejas-Nueva Filipinas

MAGANDA: Kundiman for Melissa +