1. #SOCIALMEDIAANXIETIES: A ZINE ON DIGITAL FAILURE AND ATTACHMENT: we are between; I’m not surprised: social media and the desire path

    BEST OF KORE PRESS 2012: I Was a Twelve-Year-Old Pervert 

    DANCING GIRL PRESSSolitude Being Alien (chapbook)

    microreview by lazz

    microreview by Sarah Heady

    DISMANTLE: About Errant Drift, The Book of Ant Bites 

    SEA, LAND, AIR: MIGRATION AND LABOR digital group exhibition, curated by Sarita Echavez See and J. Christian Bernabe, Center for Art and Thought: Age of DiscoveryKundiman for MelissaPoem for A  


    DRUNKEN BOAT: No Soothing Mother, Ornamental, Circle of Anthropologists 

    FACT-SIMILELanguage Revival


    EVERYDAY GENIUS: I Was a Seven-Year-Old Plagiarist

    HORSE LESS PRESS: I Was a Twenty-Four-Year-Old Separatist

    ESQUEI Was Born for a Stricter Regime

    LINGERPOSTHesitate, The Water Cure Helped, A Love Letter, Book of Ant Bites

    BONE BOUQUETCassandra Predicts This Fall’s Recreational Torture of Gay MenPushcart Prize nomination, 2011.

    CAESURA: Q: What Do You Come From

    LANTERN REVIEWTranslation + +

    MIPOESIASInstructions on Travel in the New Empire, koreans eat weird food, too; & How I Became Femme


    MYTHIUMMaterial History, Taysha-Tejas-Nueva Filipinas

    MAGANDA: Kundiman for Melissa +


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